22.09.22 – Secret to making green steel on earth found on the moon?

17.08.22 – Israeli space tech startup Helios partners with Eta Space to make oxygen on Moon.

09.08.22 – Helios plans to mine the moon for oxygen.

28.06.22 – Space tech start-up discovers a path to emission-free future for steel industry on earth.

16.06.22 – A space tech company stumbled on a new way to cut emissions on Earth.

23.08.21Israeli Startup Joins Japanese Lunar Mission To Produce Oxygen On The Moon.

31.05.21 – Israeli Startup Helios Aims to Produce Oxygen in Space From Lunar Regolith.

14.05.21 – Helios is powering lunar settlements of the future.

06.05.21 – This company has found a way to produce oxygen from soil on the Moon.

02.05.21 – Making Oxygen From Moon Sand, Israeli Startup Eyes Long-Term Life In Space.

28.04.21 – Meet the startup reaching for the moon – to make oxygen.

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