22.12.20 – Helios was awarded a grant by the Israeli Space Agency to develop a demonstrator payload to be sent to the Moon.

06.12.20 – Helios filed a provisional patent on a novel method to produce silicon.

01.12.20 – Helios was awarded a grant by Israel’s Ministry of Energy to build a prototype for its terrestrial use.

20.08.20 – Helios successfully accomplished a series of experiments to prove the viability of its novel concept of electrodes.

09.07.20Dr. Brian Rosen joins the advisory board. Dr. Rosen is an expert electrochemist and will further strengthen Helios’ R&D efforts to commercialize its molten regolith electrolysis reactor.

19.04.20 – Helios established a European consortium with Fraunhofer IKTS (Germany), Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Empa (Sweitzerland) and RISE (Sweden), to develop a holistic In-Situ Resource Utilization system.

05.03.20 – Helios established a new lab in Israel to develop and construct a small-scale prototype.

20.02.20 – Helios filed a provisional patent on a novel approach to conduct MRE (molten regolith electrolysis).

18.02.20 – Helios established a Florida based subsidiary to expand its collaboration with the US space industry.

25.07.19 – Helios commenced a collaboration with Florida Space Institute and the Center for Lunar and Asteroid Surface Science (directed by Prof. Daniel Britt).

07.03.19 – Helios was awarded a grant by Israel’s Innovation Authority to reach proof of concept.

16.01.19 – Prof. Bertil Anderson joins the advisory board, Bertil is the former chief executive of the European science foundation and former president of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

02.12.18 – Former NASA’s ISRU (In-Situ Resource Utilization ) project manager, William Larson, joins the advisory board.

19.07.18 – Helios project Ltd was registered in Israel.

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